New Season Style: Spring 2018*

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a little while now knows that I am by no means the most fashionable person on the planet. Quite the opposite in fact. You're more likely to find me dressing in threads fit for your grandma or sporting the same old jeans and t-shirt combo than wearing anything that can be described as runway ready. However, it is always fun to read glossy magazine articles at the start of every season, just to get a heads-up of what you can expect plastered to be all over the rails of Topshop in the upcoming months. So, on a cold and wet Sunday afternoon (because OBVIOUSLY the weather hasn't got the message that it's spring yet *sigh*), I delved into a few fashion articles to find out what the hottest spring trends for 2018 will be. To my delight, there were quite a few things that caught my eye, so this post aims at showcasing my existing spring style and how I want to upgrade it with this year's fashions. I'll be talking a few trends that I'll be avoiding too. Keep reading to find out what they are!

The Trend: Pastels

Cosmopolitan says: "As pretty as an ice cream, 2018's spring wardrobes can expect to be bursting with pale hues from yellow, to purple, green to pink. The trend is seen on the catwalks of Preen, Hermes, Chanel and Victoria Beckham. The prettiest of all the pastel tones to repeat over and over again is lilac - a must-have for the spring season. Spotted at Tibi in the form of light-weight dresses, at Victoria Beckham dressed up in suiting, at Michael Kors in knits and tie-dye daywear and at Pamella Roland in the ultimate princess couture."

My Verdict: HIT

Muted colours are my jam. As you can see from the outfit I'm wearing in these photos, I love colours that are on the pastel end of the spectrum just because they combine so easily. It would take a woman far braver than I to pull off clashing bright oranges and blues but in a more muted form, I feel a lot more confident in putting them together. A dress, cardi, cable knit tights and ankle boots is an outfit that I wear very frequently in the spring months, so if I can incorporate some more pastel pieces into this repertoire, I certainly won't complain! An on-trend lilac dress would be a worthwhile investment, right?!


The Trend: Plastic

Refinery 29 says: "First seen on last season's catwalks, plastic made its way into the collections of all our sartorial favourites. Chanel elevated humdrum rain hats and boots with wraparound bows and stiletto heels, while Balenciaga updated cobalt blue shirts with the manmade finish. Toga took your ideal workwear dress – ankle-skimming, brilliant red, belted – and turned it into a wet-day saviour, Burberry presented its most contemporary-cool collection for some time with plastic blouses and sports jackets, and Natasha Poly stormed Balmain's show in a printed black and transparent trench coat and matching booties."

My Verdict: MISS

Perfect for the awful British summer it may be, but plastic is not for me. When I see the models decked out in clear plastic booties, all I can think about is how hot and uncomfortable they must be, and how I bet they're dying to rip them off as soon as they get off the catwalk. Besides, I wear a coat over the top of my clothing to HIDE the fact that I rotate between the same three jumpers that everyone has seen me in a million times over, I don't want to wear something clear that would display my shame! Soz, plastic, this is a trend I won't be embracing.

The Trend: Fringing

Harper's Bazaar says: "Fringing is making  a surprise comeback this season. A far cry from its most recent (very tired) festival incarnations, designers such as Celine, Bottega Veneta and Loewe gave them a sophisticated, empowered appeal. Saint Laurent's fringed boots have already been worn by Rihanna."

My Verdict: HIT

If a trend gives me the chance to dress up in a fringed dress and pretend I'm off to a Gatsby party, I am definitely on board! Within my existing wardrobe I have a 1920's style flapper dress that I initially purchased as a fancy dress costume, but if I wear it without the matching headpiece and sequined garter, I can definitely get away with it as a regular evening dress. (Well, that's what I tell myself anyway). The best kinds of trends are the ones that enable you to recycle old wardrobe favourites, in my opinion, so I'd be happy if fringing never went out of fashion!

The Trend: Bike Shorts

Vogue says: "Paris Fashion Week began and ended with bike shorts. For her debut as the creative director of Chloé, Natacha Ramsay-Levi sent out just-below-the-knee trousers in denim, khaki, and caramel worn with knee-high boots. The Off-White show closed with Naomi Campbell in ivory bike shorts and a blazer. These are not isolated incidents. Y/Project’s trendy slashed jeans were shown yesterday at knee length, while spandex bike shorts appeared at both Dolce & Gabbana in Milan and Dion Lee in New York. How could one of fashion’s most heinous trends be staging a comeback?!"

My Verdict: MISS

According to Vogue, we have Kim K herself to thank for this bizarre trend. Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with Kardashian assets (or a surgeon to bestow them upon us), so sadly I can't really see these suiting me. I'm also making a big effort to be more minimalist in my clothes shopping and as I can't see this very odd trend being a long-term thing, I won't be investing in it. I am looking forward to seeing how a few real fashion bloggers style them though!

Set Your Own Trends

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What do you make of the current Spring fashion trends? Hit up the comments box below and let me know.

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