6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

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One of the beauties of blogging is that you can learn a lot about someone just by reading their thoughts online. But some recent conversations with blogger friends who I've met in real life have really got me thinking. They've mentioned a few things that have surpised them when meeting me in the flesh and this has made me realise that we may not know our internet pals quite as well as we think. So, in the name of remedying that, today's post is all about the things that you probably wouldn't be able to tell about me just from reading my blog. In short, it's the blog post that nobody asked for, but it's one you're getting anyway. You ready? You'd better be.

I'm taller than you think

Nope, I'm not a 7ft tall glamazon (I wish), but my height does tend to take people by surprise! When I meet fellow bloggers for the first time, a lot of the time I get told "You're so much taller than I imagined you!" so perhaps I need to work on my outfit photography skills... In case you're wondering, I'm 5ft 7 and three quarters - I hang on to those three quarters because I'm one of the shorter people in my family. When your "little" brother is over 6ft tall, a girl has to keep every inch that she can get!

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I'm seriously antisocial

Hands up if you're an introvert! Yup, that's me. Because I try to be quite open and friendly on social media, a lot of people assume that I'm a social butterfly in real life too. This couldn't be further from the truth! I am at my happiest when alone, reading a book or sitting in bed writing a blog post. Social media makes it a lot easier for me to be, well, social because it's a lot less demanding than talking to people in real life. I can immediately put my phone down and "get away" if I don't want to engage with something and there's less pressure for instant responses than in real life. I mean, I don't think I could leave someone on read in a real life interaction.

I'm a total control freak

I am by no means as chilled as I appear online. I don't tweet about it or mention it much but I can be a real stresshead. Everything in my life has to be planned to the nth degree, no matter how big or small. I drive my friends and my boyfriend up the wall (sorry guys). I am slowly learning to relinquish a bit of control but most of my life still does revolve around my latest to-do list! Oh, and the inevitable beating myself up if I don't manage to accomplish every single task. If I could change one thing about myself, I'd love to be a bit more carefree!

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I am a Bourbon addict

Now that we've finished discussing my biggest flaw, I just couldn't resist throwing in a bit of silliness as well! It has become a running joke among quite a few of my close friends that I exist entirely on Bourbons. Cut me open and you'll probably see a whole Bourbon floating in my bloodstream. Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration but you get the picture. When I discovered that these bad boys were accidentally vegan friendly AND that Morrisons sells them for 49p a pack, my soul was sold. Want to make me happy? Give me a Bourbon. Done.

I'm blind as a bat

Velma from Scooby Doo has got nothing on me. Take my glasses or my contact lenses away and I have to grope every surface in the room to find something to enable me to see. That sounds really weird, doesn't it? Anyway, before I discovered that I needed glasses, I just thought everyone in the world had the same visual abilities (or lack thereof) as me. I was always amazed when anyone could read a sign that was more than 2 meters away. My contact lenses give me better than 20:20 vision now but I have always wondered what it would be like to wake up and just be able to see instantly! 

My biggest passion in life is...

History. I'm guilty of not discussing this much on my blog, although I do dabble in writing historical travel guides from time to time. Everything about the past fascinates me, especially the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome. I've completed two degrees on the subject, for goodness sake, so really I should be talking more about it on my blog but honestly, I worry about boring people. I think that this is definitely something that I should try to overcome so that I can share what I'm passionate about with more people. If you'd like more historical themed posts from me, please do let me know!

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Shop the Look:

Coin Statement Necklace: Topshop (old)
Cardigan: Vintage (similar)
Black Cami Top: Matalan
Floral Culottes: Primark
Pleather Bag: Primark 
Lace Up Ballet Flats: Boohoo

A huge thank you goes out to the wonderful and talented Vikky Ball for shooting the photos for this post in Loughborough's bluebell woods! Make sure you check out her blog and YouTube channel as well as more of her amazing photography over on Instagram. We had a fantastic day taking these pics and I can't wait for round two!

Now it's over to you: Is there a side to you that you don't share on your blog? Reveal all in the comments below!

Until next time,

A x

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