Looking forward to Summer

"Don't spend all your time looking forward, you'll wish your life away!" Sure, I've been told this plenty of times but in all honesty, I don't think there's anything wrong with having a few things lined up in the near future that you're really looking forward to. Summer is definitely the season for excitement in my book. Warm weather will always be my favourite so any chance to embrace that puts a spring in my step. I've got plenty of the conventional summery activities to look forward to this year (think holidays, sunbathing, and good food) but there are a few slightly more unconventional things about the summer season that I'm psyched about too. Ready to discover the full list? Here's what I'm looking forward to over the next few months...

Putting less effort into what I wear

I mean, you can tell from my very frequent style posts that I'm a total fashionista, right? Ha! I wish. One of my very favourite things about summer is that the warm weather allows me to become even more lazy when it comes to clothing. Instead of layering up to beat the winter chills, making sure that everything I'm wearing at least sort of goes together, in the summer you can just sling on a dress and sandals and you're ready to head out of the door. Low maintenance is definitely the way forward with my summer looks and I'm very much looking forward to taking full advantage of it!

Meek Grande Rosegold Watch: Adexe

Being even more antisocial

You heard me right. If you've read my recent Six Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me blog post, you'll know that I'm an antisocial bitch introvert. I definitely get my energy from spending time alone as opposed to being with other people, so the prospect of moving out of my current shared house and into a studio flat of my very own this summer is extremely exciting for me. I'll have my own kitchen, living and dining area, bedroom, and bathroom and be able to live entirely independently, which is something that I'm looking forward to immensely. Don't get me wrong, my flatmates at the moment are lovely people but right now, I feel old enough and (maybe even) mature enough to have my own place.

Burning my food in a different venue

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned summer BBQ? I'm really looking forward to chowing down on a corn on the cob and a veggie sausage sandwich fresh from the barbie. Accompanied with a cool glass (or three) of Pimms, you've got your perfect summer evening. My Mum always puts together the best BBQ spreads, complete with vegetable kebabs, salads, and usually something sweet for dessert. Even the smell of the embers on the barbeque is enough to get my mouth watering. P.S. I'm not actually a terrible cook who burns everything, I promise!

Leather-Look Handbag: Primark (similar)

Getting my blog on

At some amazing events, to be precise! Later on this week, I've got two blog events to attend in two days; one involves some pretty amazing food and the other is all about cruelty free beauty - watch this space and all will be revealed soon! But the fun doesn't stop there - I have an event with Giffgaff lined up in July which I'll be attending with the wonderful Hayley. I can't wait! And speaking of blogging, I'm also looking forward to having a bit more time on my hands this summer to actually sit down and plan out my content. Right now, I'm doing everything on the fly, preparing posts the night before they go live, which isn't really me! As I mentioned in my making my blog work for me post, I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself to blog these days but still, it'll be nice to get ahead with things.

Flexing my PhD muscles

Research Week is the highlight of any Leicester PhD student's calendar. The week is packed full of student talks, lectures, seminars, workshops and even a field trip, plus there's a free lunch every day so you can't complain about that! When this post goes live, the week will be in full swing! I'll be busily preparing my 20 minute presentation on my project so far and nervously awaiting my yearly review meeting. Although both of those things sound pretty scary (especially the presentation, aahhhh!), I am really looking forward to Research Week. It'll be a fantastic opportunity to meet more of my fellow PhD students, learn about what they've been up to and hopefully discuss my project too. Fingers crossed it all goes well!

Cameo Rose Yellow Bardot Top: New Look

Fleeing the country

Even though I've only recently returned from a trip to Edinburgh, I'm lucky enough to be going on even more amazing travel adventures this summer. In a couple of weeks time, I'm jetting off to Sorrento with my Mum and my sister for some much needed girly fun in the sun. Think Aperol spritz, lounging by the pool, and plenty of pizza! Next month, I'm booked to head to Amsterdam as part of a pretty exciting blogger collaboration - I can't say too much about it at this time (sssshhhh) but all will be revealed soon. I can't wait to share what I'll be up to with you all! In August, I'll be heading to the North Norfolk coast with my sister for a week. We've booked a holiday cottage right on the seafront and have our fingers firmly crossed for nice weather. My family home is located in East Anglia so we're in a very familiar place, but sometimes that makes a getaway even more special! Finally, in September I'm hitting Paris for a few days and I couldn't be more excited! With all of these travels, anyone would think I was on the run from the law...

High-Waisted White Ripped Shorts: Primark

And now it's over to you! What are you looking forward to this summer? Share down in the comments.

Until next time,

A x