Pack with Me: Summer Holiday Edition*

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Who's off on holiday this summer? I sure am and I can't wait! As I mentioned in my recent Looking Forward to Summer post, I'm heading off to Sorrento on vacation with my mum and my sister. Sun, sand, and.. uh.. cocktails here we come! But before we board the plane with thoughts of hitting the beach, the all important job of packing must be completed. Nobody wants to get to the airport and realise they've forgotten their underwear (definitely hasn't happened to me before) so today's post is all about those holiday essentials that you really won't want to leave behind. From fragrances to flip-flops and books to beachwear, here's what I'll be taking on holiday with me. And because I love you guys, I've also put together an exhaustive holiday packing checklist at the end of the post, which you'll be able to print and use for your own travels. Don't say I'm not good to you!

Books, glorious books

One of the biggest benefits of a week in the sun, in my opinion, is the time that this gives you for lounging by the pool and reading. I set myself a reading challenge of 24 books this year and I'm progressing through this nicely, but I'm sure that my holiday will provide ample opportunity to expand my title range even further. I've raided Leicester libraries for some new books and made a few purchases on Amazon too. Featuring on my holiday TBR list are Jason Matthew's Red Sparrow, The Night Manager by John Le Carré, Mary Beard's The Eye of Faith, and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I'm sure that reviews of all of these will end up on my blog soon - watch this space!

A meticulously planned holiday wardrobe

If you're anything like me, the way that you pack for your holiday will simply be to empty every single item of summer clothing you own into your suitcase, followed by sitting on it in an attempt to close the zip. Sound familiar? This year, however, things are going to change for me. That's right, I'm going to actually plan out my holiday wardrobe! This will hopefully mean that I'll actually wear everything that I bring along and not leave half of the clothes languishing unworn in the suitcase at the end of my trip because I haven't brought anything that goes with them. I'll ensure to take plenty of versatile items and lay them all out together on my bed before they go into the case to check that everything works together. It can only improve things, right?

travel holiday packing guide checklist essentials summer

Natural sunscreen

Slapping that SPF on at the poolside is absolutely essential because let's face it, nobody wants to resemble a lobster the next day or start peeling like decade-old wallpaper. Ew. Plus, there's the obvious health dangers associated with sun exposure to contend with too. Really, there's no excuse for ditching the sun protection, but selecting the right product is very important. I recently found out that many chemical-based sunscreens can actually have devastating environmental impacts, so much so that Hawaii has banned some forms of the sun protectant that have been proven to contribute to coral reef bleaching. Therefore, choosing a natural product will be far better for the environment and also for your body. I'm a big Neals Yard devotee when it comes to skincare, so I'll be stashing their mineral-based sun cream in my bag for this holiday!

A giant pizza shaped lilo

If one of these bad boys *isn't* on your list, girl you're doing it wrong. Last year on my yoga retreat holiday to Portugal, I took along a giant inflatable rubber ring in the shape of a flamingo and he and I had a fantastic time together, splashing around in the pool. Even if the wind did try to carry him off down the mountainside, every moment I spent running after him, trying to catch him and bring him back was worth it. Sadly my flamingo pal had to stay in Portugal (he just wasn't ready to leave the retreat) so this year, I've replaced him with a giant pizza inflatable from Primark. Really, it had to be done!

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What items can you never resist at the duty free? Fragrances are always tempting. Knowing that you smell delicious on your holiday, especially when you're heading down to an evening meal, is always a confidence-boosting feeling. Nobody wants the pong of sunscreen lingering on their skin all night, after all. My favourite scents tend to be citrusy, I'm not a big floral gal so I'm much more likely to reach for something that leaves me smelling light and fresh. Eating vitamin-C packed citrus fruits supposedly boosts your energy and I definitely feel that way about their scents too!

ALL of the snacks

Now I don't know about you, but I always get to a certain point on holiday where I really start to miss my usual food. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love sampling local cuisines when I'm away but after a while, I do start to have a craving for something a little more familiar. This might make me REALLY unadventurous but hey, I can't help it. Therefore, I always take a few tastes of home away with me on holiday, in snack form, to enable me to give into those cravings. Digestive biscuits were always an essential for me in the past but now, bourbons are my firm faves. As you'll have learned from my Six Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me post, rarely a day goes by that a bourbon does not pass my lips and this isn't about to change while I'm away!

Now it's your turn - here's my packing checklist to help you on your travels!

Where are you off to on your hols this summer? And what are YOUR holiday essentials? Hit me up in the comments below.

Until next time,

A x

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