Summer Holiday Style: What I Wore in Sorrento

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Selecting your summer holiday wardrobe has to be one of the best bits of getting ready for a vacation. I had a lot of fun packing my suitcase for my recent trip to Sorrento, knowing that sunshine and hot temperatures were awaiting me. As I've mentioned before on my blog, I always look forward to being able to chuck on a dress and leave the house without putting much thought into an outfit, so warm-weather fashions will always be my favourite. However, despite the fun associated with packing, when trying to choose exactly which clothes from your expansive summer wardrobe to take on holiday, it can be pretty tough to narrow it down. This year, I adopted an old proverb to help me out: "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue." I know, I KNOW, this is usually associated with bridal attire and marriage is a long way off for me yet, but the little rhyme actually worked quite well for my holiday outfits too. Wanna see? Of course you do.

Something old...

womens summer holiday fashion style dress

Unlike our old pal Lizzie McGuire, I have absolutely no shame about being an outfit repeater. If I like an item of clothing and it looks good on me, you bet I'm going to wear it until it's falling to bits. I love cracking out old gems from holidays past, including this pretty little number from Hollister. I bought it in the sale a couple of summers ago and I'm always happy when the weather is warm enough for me to wear it. It's fitted nicely across the chest, flowing out into dangly sleeves in the arms. The crochet area around the middle is very flattering, and it's also backless, helping to keep you cool. I wore this outfit to dinner on one of our last nights in Sorrento *sob*, with my trusty Primark sunnies in my hair (to try and disguise the fact that I had been too lazy to wash it, shhhh). I also donned my trusty ADEXE watch that I've had since February for this evening ensemble, and you'll see this rose gold beauty popping up in various other outfits in this post too. I'm a sucker for the blogger clichés as much as the next girl.

womens summer holiday fashion style outfit
Dress: Hollister
Watch: ADEXE
Sunglasses: Primark (similar)

Something new...

womens summer holiday fashion style swimwear
womens summer holiday fashion style beach wear

Taking a dip in the pool is always one of my holiday highlights and this year, I was very kindly gifted a brand new bikini by the fantastic people at Simply Beach to splash around in. I opted for a classy blue-and-white striped Ted Baker two piece from their designer bikini collection. The bikini top especially appealed to me due to the cute ruffle design, it has such charming vintage vibes and I felt like a Stepford Wife when wearing it! The detail of the top contrasts nicely with the basic striped bottoms, which I really liked. Another big plus for me was the scuba material from which the bikini is made, it is incredibly high quality and prevents any embarassing mishaps with swimwear turning see-through (eek). The only downside to this bikini for me was the fact that the straps weren't adjustable. The ruffles continue down the back of the costume, so there was no room for any adjustable closures on the bra. Nevertheless, it was very comfortable to wear and I even think that I could wear the top with a high waisted skirt or shorts as day-wear. Alongside the Ted Baker bikini, I opted for a pair of diamante sliders from Ego Shoes, which I featured in last summer's holiday lookbook.

womens summer holiday fashion style bikini
womens summer holiday fashion style poolside
Bikini Top: Ted Baker via Simply Beach*
Bikini Bottoms: Ted Baker via Simply Beach*
Shoes: Ego Shoes (similar)

Something borrowed...

womens summer holiday fashion style tshirt
womens summer holiday fashion style trousers

One of the biggest advantages of your Mum and sister being the same size as you is that when you go on holiday, your wardrobe options triple in size! I sneakily borrowed the tshirt that I wore to on a day out to the island of Capri from my Mum, as I foolishly didn't bring any cap-sleeved tshirts with me. I paired it with a trusty pair of floaty trousers from Primark to help me cope a bit better in the blistering heat. We explored Capri on foot and I didn't want to expose myself too much in the sun and suffer from sunburn or heatstroke, so covering my shoulders and legs was a good choice. On my feet, I had an ancient pair of Zara sandals - so old that I can't even remember when I first purchased them! However, as they were so well worn-in, they were perfect for a day of traipsing about an island. Of course, I had to have a hat on when the temperatures were above 30 degrees, and the one I'm wearing here was an eBay purchase from about 2013. Thankfully you can't really see where the hat is starting to fall apart at the seams in these pics, I'm definitely not a pro fashion blogger...

womens summer holiday fashion style shoes sandals
womens summer holiday fashion style beach bag
Hat: eBay (similar)
Tshirt: Boohoo
Trousers: Primark
Shoes: Zara (similar)

Something blue...

womens summer holiday fashion style maxi dress

Of course, the colour blue had to feature in my holiday wardrobe. I mean, have you SEEN my Instagram feed? (For those who are uninitiated to the delights of my Instagram, I theme my photos by colour and I have recently transitioned from yellow to blue - go check it out!) Anyway, the item for the "blue" section of my holiday wardrobe also came to me via my Mum. She ordered this gorgeous royal blue maxi dress from Boohoo but ended up not liking the fit, so she passed it on to me instead. Thankfully, I really like it! I wore this when out and about exploring the Sorrento harbours. Sorrento doesn't have much in the way of beaches (the cliffs are just so sheer!) but it does have two lovely marinas, full of incredible yachts which I'd need to save for about 87343611367 years to purchase. For our trip to ogle the boats, I wore some comfy slip-on shoes (a bargain from Deichmann at just over a tenner), my big floppy hat, and a beach bag - perfect for stashing a drink and some sun cream inside.

womens summer holiday fashion style dress skirt
Hat: Athens Boutique (similar)
Sunglasses: eBay
Maxi Dress: Boohoo
Shoes: Deichmann
Bag: M&S
And there you have it, my holiday wardrobe! Let me know in the comments where you've been shopping for your holiday clothing this year - I'm off on my travels again later this month and I need to invest in some more pieces!

Until next time,

A x

*The bikini from Simply Beach was provided free of charge in exchange for a feature on my blog