Leicester, UK

New Year, New 'Do: A Blow Dry at RUSH, Leicester

New year, new me! It's the irritating trope that everyone comes out with at the start of January before ditching the diet on the third day of the month and reverting to the status quo, am I right? Well, cynicism aside, we do all love getting the chance to switch things up and a new year provides exactly the impetus that many of us need. Whether it's setting resolutions, kick-starting an exercise regime, or embarking on a challenge such as veganuary, January gives us plenty of opportunities to begin afresh and feel like an all new you. This week I had an opportunity for a mini transformation of my very own as I was invited to review a blow dry experience at my local RUSH salon in Leicester. Prior to this visit, I had never actually been to a salon to have my hair styled so I was really excited to go along and see what RUSH had to offer. Keep reading to find out how I got on!

When I arrived at the salon for my appointment, I was greeted by the very friendly Nicole. She let me know that they were running a little behind schedule due to staff sickness but she kindly settled me down in the comfy waiting area with a drink and some biscuits so the 15 minute wait flew over. Our appointment then began with a consultation. Nicole took the time to sit down next to me and have a friendly discussion about what products I usually use to wash my hair, how I usually style and part it, and what kind of look I had in mind for the blow dry. This chat at the start of the salon experience was brilliant because it was a lot less intimidating than having a hairdresser just stand behind you and fire questions at you. I was really made to feel at home. I came into the appointment not really knowing what I wanted but thankfully, Nicole was an expert. She talked me through the best options and we both decided that some waves would be something a little bit different, allowing me to try a new style that I wouldn't necessarily take the time to do for myself at home. Nicole genuinely wanted me to get the most out of my appointment at RUSH and her time and attention really enhanced the experience.

Once we'd decided on a look, we moved over to the basins to begin washing my hair. Nicole selected products from the Aura Botanica range for my wash. She explained that these would be perfect for non-coloured hair such as mine as they work to bring out the natural shine. She also applied a volumising product which I must admit to being a little sceptical about at first. However, when my hair was blow dried, the difference that the volumiser made was really noticeable, my hair looked like it had a great deal more body which can only be a good thing! Before starting up her hairdryer, Nicole also used a 72-hour heat protectant. The intention behind this was that if I wanted to reapply heat at home the next day to keep my new blow dry in place, I wouldn't need to use another heat protectant. The one that Nicole applied to my hair during my treatment would re-activate if needed within the three day span! This was another really thoughtful touch.

With my hair having been washed and given the once-over with a hair dryer, Nicole then set about the curling process. She used GHD straighteners instead of curling tongs which she told me gave greater precision when styling. As well as talking me through the process that she was currently going through on my hair, Nicole also suggested other styles and treatments that might work well for me. We discussed how I am usually very low-maintenance when it comes to hair, so she suggested that if I ever decided to colour it, a balayage might work well for me as it would just grow out naturally rather than requiring root touch-ups. Nicole was clearly very knowledgable and her expertise really made me feel like I was in good hands! Unsurprisingly, I was really impressed with the result of my blow dry too - my hair looked thicker, healthier and had a very natural wave to it. I think my before and after photos below speak for themselves! Usually my hair doesn't hold a curl very well but even when I went outside in the wind after my appointment, my waves stayed put until the end of the day and I was able to attempt a re-style of the look myself the next day. 

And there you have it, a blow-by-blow account of my salon experience. I was blown away by the result. Don't blow a gasket if you're in the market for a new look this January, just book yourself an appointment at RUSH Leicester! (Ok, I'll stop with the awful puns now). The starting price for a blow dry with a stylist is just £22 but you can choose to book with a more experienced director or consultant for £24 and £38 respectively. If you buy 3 blow dries, you even get your fourth one free! I wouldn't hesitate to visit RUSH again for a blow dry if I need a pick-me-up.

The RUSH salon can be found at 50 High Street, Leicester, LE1 5YN

Until next time,

A x

*The treatment described in this post was provided free of charge by RUSH Leicester in exchange for a blog post review.