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Your Mum: The Ultimate Style Influencer

Fashion inspiration can be drawn from so many different places these days, it's hard to keep track. Whether it's the iconic bloggers who are dressed up to the nines for their Instagram feeds or the models pounding the catwalk in the latest trends, there have never been more places to look for wardrobe inspo. Sometimes, however, the best inspiration of all can be found a little closer to home. Mother's Day is fast approaching (it's 31st March for any of you who don't already have the date in your diaries!) and in honour of this, I'm dedicating this post to all the ways in my Mum's style has influenced my own fashion choices, all the way from childhood to this day. But we're not going to end there! My Mum has always been a hugely important figure in my life, inspiring not just my style but my values and attitudes to life too, so this post is going to be full of appreciation for all of the ways in which she has influenced me for the better. Let's get started!


Looking back at the clothing I was dressed in as a child back in the 90's always makes me chuckle. I distinctly remember my Mum putting me in a pair of bright blue, pink, and yellow floral leggings - I was definitely dressed to stand out! This love of all things vibrant is something that definitely translates from my Mum's wardrobe into my own, even now. She looks fantastic in reds and oranges - you'll never see her dressed all in black! I'm very much the same, there always has to be a pop of colour in every outfit, even if it's just a bold pair of earrings. Just how much my Mum's colour palette of choice has influenced me really came to the fore when I was invited to pick out a new outfit by the lovely people at JD Williams. My Mum was at the forefront of my mind when making selections from their range. I just knew she'd be a big fan of the red t-bar shoes that I selected due to the boldness of the colour. The check shift dress is something that I knew she'd love as well. She always looks smart and sophisticated at work and seeing her heading off every morning looking like a true professional has definitely inspired by own power dressing style. I often get told that I look like my Mum and for me, there's no greater compliment.

flatlay showing a dress, black leather handbag and red shoes, with photos of Abbey's Mum and fairy lights surrounding


Without my Mum, I certainly wouldn't be in the position that I am in today, studying for my PhD. It is without a doubt the love of learning that she inspired in me through 16 years of home schooling that has got me to where I am now. My Mum gave up having a job of her own to educate not just me but also my little brother and sister at home and she did an absolutely amazing job. She is one of the most creative people I know - when we did a project on Ancient Egypt when I was very young, she made us mummy shaped folders to store all of our handmade worksheets in, and when we were a bit older, we learned about Henry VIII's six wives whilst we painted their portraits. Even when I was a total pain in the backside (let me tell you, younger Abbey was SUCH a little brat), she never gave up on us and always put her all into making learning such a fun experience. By being home schooled, my siblings and I were able to really pursue our own interests and not feel constrained by a boring curriculum, which definitely gave me the confidence and independence that you need to conduct academic research at my current level. I can never repay my Mum for all of the years of time and effort that she poured into my education and I am truly, truly thankful.

flatlay featuring red heeled shoes, flowers, family photos, and a black handbag


My Mum can do anything. And she makes me feel like I can do anything too. Her determination is absolutely incredible. After she finished home schooling me and my siblings, she decided to retrain as a healthcare practitioner. She went to college part-time to do so and did an amazing job whilst studying there - she got 100% on pretty much every assignment and exam. She retained her focus no matter what other distractions she had going on at the time. Seeing her having such a determined attitude and reaping incredible results really inspired me to do the same. Another way in which my Mum influences me is when it comes to positivity. We are both natural born worriers (it must run in the genes) but in recent years, my Mum has really grown in her approach to anxiety and this has definitely passed down to me. She has certain positive mantras such as "if I can't do anything to change it, I don't need to worry about it" which I often find myself repeating in my own head when times get stressful. My Mum's personal growth has definitely influenced mine in that respect.

If you hadn't already guessed, my Mum is pretty much superwoman and her influence is felt across pretty much every facet of my life. If you're reading this, Mum, you're the best! Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me.

Who are the amazing female figures in your life? Drop me a comment down below.

Until next time,

A x

*The outfit featured in this post was gifted by JD Williams