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Top of the Crops: My Summer Style with justyouroutfit*

I love getting dressed in the summer. When the weather isn't playing games with us and bringing more rain than sunshine, I love the freedom that my summer wardrobe brings me. There's nothing better than jumping out of bed and just pulling on a dress (or a pair of shorts and a t-shirt) and being ready to go with minimal fuss. For me, the layering that's necessary to prevent hypothermia in the autumn or winter soon becomes a bit of a chore! If I could wear summer fashions all year round, I'd be a very happy bunny. That's precisely why today's post is an ode to my favourite summer style, sharing the principles behind my perfect seasonal wardrobe. Let's get started!

My Summer Style is ... Love Island inspired

Like it or loathe it, #LoveIsland is here to stay. I started watching for the first time this year and I'm unashamedly hooked. Now, there are plenty of Love Island on-screen trends that I definitely won't be embracing - those bikinis which flaunt your underboob, for example. Those are simply not for me, mainly because I don't have an underboob, overboob, or any type of boob to speak of! Shoutout to all of my fellow flat chested ladies! But putting my sad lack of tatas aside, I have nevertheless been a massive fan of the Love Island ladies' fashions, in particular their colour palettes. All of the girls looked amazing at the neon party (especially Lucie in that luminous yellow dress!) and Amber has been absolutely killing it in her plunge-neck, high-leg orange swimsuit too. I definitely took a leaf out of the Love Island lookbook when I picked out this Ruffle Spaghetti Strap Crop Top (£15.00) from justyouroutfit. The colour is super bright and vibrant and I feel ready to sit around the fire pit and get my graft on in this look! Where's Anton when you need him?

My Summer Style is ... Still comfort focused

One of the biggest advantages of an autumn / winter wardrobe is that it enables you to go braless pretty easily. After all, who can tell if you're without a bra when you're snuggled under a thick jumper or cardi? Finding summer clothes that enable you to do the same thing can be tricker but happily, my orange crop top does just that. It's perfectly fitted around the ribcage but the ruffles around the boob area mean that going bra-free and feeling super comfy is a breeze. But don't worry, the material isn't so sheer that your nips will be on show! Another feature of my summer wardrobe that provides immense comfort are my Skechers Go Walk Achiever sneakers. Their built-in sole cushioning means that they are SO nice to walk in - I feel like I'm skipping on clouds every time I put them on. My Mum initially purchased them for me to wear as gym shoes for when I'm doing strength training, but they've quickly become a part of my daily wardrobe (cheers, Ma). You can guarantee they'll be giving my wardrobe a sporty vibe all season long.

My Summer Style is ... Perfect for packing light

Who's excited for their summer holiday? I sure am! I'm off to the Greek island of Thassos for a bit of late summer sun in September and I can't wait. I'm heading out there with my boyfriend who is confident that we'll be able to travel hand-luggage only. As for me? I'm not so sure. I'm going to give it a darn good go though! In the hope of succeeding, I plan to invest in a few versatile wardrobe pieces that I can wear in multiple ways throughout my week abroad. This orange crop top will certainly fit the bill - here I've dressed it in a really casual way, with distressed white denim shorts and my trusty Skechers, but it would be equally easy to pair the same top with some high-waisted trousers and wedges to make it evening appropriate. Adaptable clothing is definitely the way forward! 

Abbey stands with one hand in the pocket of her white distressed denim shorts, the other hand behind her head, smiling at the camera
Abbey's legs standing next to a flower pot, wearing grey Skechers sneakers

My Summer Style is ... Full of confidence

When I first put this outfit on, I must admit that I had my misgivings about it. I wasn't entirely sure that I could pull the look off as I'm not normally a crop top kind of girl. I did that age-old thing of standing in front of the mirror picking apart everything I hated about how I looked. However, in the end I just decided to bottle it and give the photoshoot a go anyway. And happily, as soon as I got out in Leicester and headed to the beautiful cathedral forecourt to start snapping, I felt really good in the outfit. Once I looked through the first few photos and saw that I didn't look as terrible as I feared, I threw myself into the shoot and got some results that I'm really pleased with. This building of confidence is something that I want to incorporate into my summer wardrobe more widely. I think I need to get out of my comfort zone more often!

My Summer Style is ... All about mixing old with new

If I won the lottery, you can bet that I'd have a brand new wardrobe for every single season. But let's face it, the chances of that happening are pretty slim. Instead, this summer I'm focusing on only buying new clothing pieces that will work really well with items that I already own. My focus will be on rejuvenating my current wardrobe instead of purchasing items that require me to buy 5 other new things in order to wear them. My orange crop top works perfectly with this theme because it goes really well with my white distressed shorts, which were a wardrobe acquisition last summer. I especially love these shorts because they have become more and more characterful over time. When I bought them, they did come already distressed but they're a LOT more raggedy and torn up now because I've worn them so frequently. I love wearing out clothes like this because I feel like they become a little bit more "me" with every new rip, tear and spaghetti stain.

Abbey, seated next to a flower pot, is wearing an orange ruffle crop top and white denim shorts. She looks down and smiles, showing the Polaroid sunglasses on top of her head

What are your summer wardrobe staples? Let me know in the comments below.

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