Highcross, Leicester, LE1 4AN

Monkeying Around at Treetop Adventure Golf, Leicester

"Today the world is a big jungle." - Roberto Cavalli
It's summer time in the UK once again, which inevitably means that the country is beginning to resemble a jungle, with copious amounts of rain pouring from the sky and little monkeys scampering about everywhere on their school holidays. If you've got young ones to entertain or if you're just having some time off yourself, the absence of blue skies and sunshine can put a bit of a downer on things. However, there's plenty of summer holiday fun to keep a smile on your face even when the weather isn't playing ball - including an experience new to Leicester that's sure to transport you to more tropical climes. Treetop Adventure Golf has now arrived in the city after launching successful venues in Cardiff and Manchester. I was lucky enough to be invited along for a VIP day out at Treetop to take in everything that they have to offer. Keep reading to find out how I got on! 

Abbey, holding a golf club and two golfballs, stands in front of a jungle themed backdrop at Treetop Adventure Golf, Leicester

Welcome to the Jungle

From the moment you walk in to Treetop Adventure Golf, you are whisked away from rainy Leicester and into a tropical paradise worthy of The Jungle Book. The venue is impeccably themed throughout, from the entrance hall to the toilets. Realistic fake plants, brightly coloured wooden panelling, and rainforest appropriate tunes make for a truly immersive experience. At Treetop, you can choose from two 18-hole golf courses, the Ancient Explorer and the Tropical Trail. As an archaeologist at heart, I just had to go for the Ancient Explorer. Once we'd been issued with putters and balls by the friendly Treetop staff at the welcome desk, we were off!

The course gradually increased in difficulty as you went along, with slopes, bunkers, and obstacles to challenge golfers young and old. I was really impressed by the interactivity of the trail too - as you tee'd off at the Monkey Lagoon hole, waterfall sounds cascaded from the speakers. Depending on which tunnel you managed to send your ball through as part of the ancient temple section of the course, lights and sounds would flash up unexpectedly, reacting to your shot. Dramatic red lighting and sound also made encountering Mabel the Monkey Queen a memorable experience! This really added an extra dimension to the game that you don't usually experience when playing mini golf. A lot of thought and creativity had gone into every aspect of the Ancient Explorer course.

The exterior of Treetop Adventure Golf, Leicester, with brightly coloured wooden panelling
Abbey stands taking a shot during a game of mini golf in front of an ancient temple themed hole
A close up of Abbey taking a shot in front of an adventure golf hole shaped like a snake
The entrance hall of Treetop Adventure Golf, Leicester, with fake plants and jungle decor

Not just for the young ones

You may be reading this post thinking that Treetop might be best suited to younger age groups, but this definitely isn't the case. Treetop offers an experience suited to all ages: one group playing the Ancient Explorer course in front of us was comprised of four women on a day out, the group behind were a father and young son enjoying themselves just as much! I would certainly head back again for a fun date night or girly day out with my friends. Treetop have a great early bird offer where if you tee off before midday, you can play both the Ancient Explorer and the Tropical Trail courses for the price of one, which is a fantastic deal. At the end of your round of adventure golf, you can even try the bonus 19th hole which gives you the chance to win a free round on your next visit! My rather poor golfing skills meant that I wasn't successful but my boyfriend came up trumps, meaning we'll definitely be back at Treetop soon!

A close up of a snake head decorating one of Treetop's golf holes, with Abbey taking a shot in the background

Room for improvement?

I have very few critiques of my time at Treetop but something must be said about the issues we experienced with overcrowding, because was an extremely busy day when we went along. I'm sure that the problems could be easily resolved, however. When I tried out Ghetto Golf in Birmingham with my sister, golfers were issued with vibrating pagers of the type you'd get in a restaurant to alert you of your food's arrival. When your buzzer went off, it meant that it was time for you to begin the course. This enabled each group's start to be staggered a few minutes apart, preventing long tailbacks on harder parts of the course where multiple shots were required to complete the hole. At Treetop, it was a bit of a free-for-all meaning that when we reached hole 13, there was a big line behind and in front of us. There wasn't a great deal of space to queue around some of the holes and things did get a little crowded as you tried not to obstruct fellow golfers from taking their shots. This wasn't too much of an issue for us but some of the children waiting were understandably keen to get going and could be impatient, so staggering the starts would definitely improve the Treetop experience for family golfers.

Mabel the Monkey Queen lit up in red lights along the Treetop Adventure Golf course

Food and Drink

After working up an appetite with our round of adventure golf, it was time to refuel from Treetop's Pizza Cabana menu. The magic of the venue wasn't lost in The Market dining area either - the seating was decked out like an Amazonian village, with bamboo shelters to sip your drinks under! Although Treetop was heaving with schoolchildren on their summer breaks during our visit, we never had trouble finding somewhere to sit and enjoy our drinks and food even in the small area allocated for eating. The menu itself is limited (8" pizzas with various toppings were the main offering) but I was very happy to see that there were numerous options for vegetarians available and that vegan cheese could be requested on all pizzas - a massive bonus!

My selection from the menu was the Pesto and Feta Pizza (£6.50), while my boyfriend went for the classic Pepperoni (£5.75). We were both really impressed by the quality of the pizzas - they had obviously been handmade to order with fresh dough. They were light, tasty, and the amount of toppings was perfect. My only complaint was that I did find the pizzas to be a little overpriced for their size. There are very many eateries located in the Highcross area just around the corner from Treetop which offer a similar pizza selection, so you are likely to find better value elsewhere. However, if you are looking for something tasty and convenient for the kids to snack on after a round of golf, you could do far worse than the Pizza Cabana.

The entrance to the Ancient Explorer course at Treetop Adventure Golf
Treetop Adventure Golf's bonus 19th hole, lit up with bright lights
Bamboo cooler and tropical smash cocktails sitting on a table in the Treetop Adventure Golf market
A view from one of the tables in the Treetop Market

As well as sampling the pizzas, we also had the chance to make some selections from Treetop's cocktail and mocktail menu. Treetop's bar, also perfectly on-theme, is called The Thirsty Toucan, and they have some excellent drinks on offer. The layout of the cocktail menu was really well thought out; you could browse cocktails by type: sweet, fruity, refreshing etc. to find something guaranteed to suit your taste. Our drinks gave the Cosy Club cocktails that I also sampled recently a run for their money! I opted for the Bamboo Cooler (£7.50), a tantalising mix of vanilla vodka and passion fruit liqueur, mixed with lemon juice and vanilla syrup. Garnished with mint and a slice of fresh passion fruit, this really quenched my thirst. As soon as my boyfriend saw that the Tropical Smash (£7.75) was served with a custard cream on top, he was sold! The Portabello Road gin, coriander, fresh lime and pineapple combo was well received too. I was very happy to see that my drink came with a paper straw but this wasn't universal - my boyfriend's drink came served with a plastic straw. It would be great to see paper straws across the board at Treetop in future.

Abbey holds a slice of pesto and feta pizza up towards the camera

Prices for a round of adventure golf at Treetop start at £9 per golfer and £29.50 for a family of four, with discounts for seniors, students and under 5's. There's no need to book or make a reservation, just head along and get ready to tee off! The venue is located at Highcross, 3 Shires Lane, Leicester, LE1 4AN. I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon there and wouldn't hesitate to go back!

When was the last time you played mini golf?

*My experience at Treetop was complimentary but I was not obliged to produce a blog post in return.