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Fashion from my Bedroom: Styling Neutrals for Spring #AD

The joys of self isolation, social distancing, and the-virus-that-shall-not-be-named have curtailed more than a few fashion influencers' photo shoots of late, mine included. But even though we're all following public health advice and staying at home, this doesn't mean that we don't want to look good. Instead, our hallways have become our runways and our street style shots have been replaced by snaps from our sofas. To pay homage to this, I'm starting a brand new series on my blog titled Fashion From My Bedroom. I'll be sharing the parts of my photoshoots that usually go on totally behind the scenes - me laying out my clothes on my bed to pull looks together before going out to take pics "on location."

For the very first post in the series, I've teamed up with the online fashion retailer Shopping online instead of in-store is perfect at the moment, since you can score yourself a new look from the comfort of your bedroom without compromising your health! Today's post is focused around a popular trend for the new spring season. Surprise, surprise, neutral colours (be that for clothing, shoes, or accessories) are big once more! Here's how I'm making neutrals work for me.

Make Your Accessories the Statement stone cargo slim fit trouser

When it comes to trousers, I can usually be found either in jeans or smart work trousers with a paperbag waist. There is no in-between. But when I saw the Stone Cargo Slim Fit Trouser on the Femme Luxe Finery website, I couldn't help but be tempted to give them a try. I chose to style them with a white zip-front bodysuit and a yellow scrunchie, pulling the look together with a statement belt. Adding colour and detail only through the accessories keeps me feeling like me (I do love my bright colours!) whilst remaining on-trend. A word of appreciation must also be said about the ample pockets on these cargo trousers, they are an AMAZING change from the piddly little pockets you usually get in women's jeans!

Sometimes, less is more Tan Belted High Neck Ribbed Bodycon Mini Dress Tan Belted High Neck Ribbed Bodycon Mini Dress

I've know that I've *just* spoken about jazzing up your neutrals with bright accessories, but a gorgeous look can also be achieved by keeping EVERYTHING neutral. That's exactly how I styled this Tan Belted High Neck Ribbed Bodycon Mini Dress, my second pick from the Femme Luxe Finery site. The bow at the waist cinches you in beautifully and the bodycon material is really flattering. By teaming this dress with a neutral brown bag with gold accents, a matching gold bracelet stack and tiny tassel earrings, the neutrals reign supreme without making you look washed out or boring. This is a look that I can see myself repeating all spring!

Experiment with Colour Combos

Although the corset dress is this season's biggest fashion must have, I'll be honest with you and say that I don't think you can beat a good old-fashioned knit. Beige is not normally a colour that I gravitate towards but I was pleasantly surprised by the versatility of this Stone High Neck Bodycon Jumper Dress. Its neutral tone gave me a great base for experimenting with other colour combinations. I chose to style it with a dark green waist belt and a brown suit jacket, the warm hues of which brightened up the stone dress nicely! I also threw in a floral scrunchie that's been in my accessory drawer for yonks. I like to wear it either in my hair or wrapped around my wrist. 

Don't be afraid to go monochrome black cropped long sleeve jumper black cropped long sleeve jumper

If there's an outfit that a black cropped jumper DOESN'T go with, I'd like to see it. I did own a jumper like this a while ago but it sadly got lost in one of my house moves. Thankfully Femme Luxe Finery filled that jumper shaped hole in my life with their Black Cropped Long Sleeve Jumper. I chose to style it with a high waisted monochromatic printed skirt given to me by my sister (thanks sis!). I fell in love with this look because the absence of colour really highlighted the silver rings and watch that I paired the items with. This jumper would look excellent with jeans too - the possibilities are endless!

Are you a fan of neutral colours? What are your favourite things to wear in springtime? Let me know in the comments!