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Style Sisterhood: Jumpers and Tees with Femme Luxe #AD

Whenever my sister and I meet new people, the question that we get asked is always the same: "Are you guys twins?!" Then, with a laugh, we have to explain that no, I am two years older than my sister and yes, our resemblance is still uncanny. Since I haven’t been able to have a haircut in way too long (thanks, coronavirus!) we’re looking even more alike than ever at the moment. We’ve both inherited our Mum’s long brown hair, deep brown eyes and face shape but usually, the way that we dress couldn’t be more different.

My sister is WAY more fashionable than me; she rocks the latest trends with such ease. While she is runway ready, I’m usually more at home in something that resembles your granny’s curtains. Our colour palettes of choice are normally quite different too – while yellow is my favourite colour (I mean, have you SEEN my Instagram feed?!), my sister gravitates to more neutral tones and tends to wear sleek, black items.

Nevertheless, when Femme Luxe Finery reached out to me for another collaboration, my sister and I decided to take on a styling challenge: we’d each pick out two similar items from the Femme Luxe site and put our own characteristic style stamp on them. Our looks would have a sense of style sisterhood but not be identical! Keep reading to find out which pieces we chose!

Femme Luxe Finery T-Shirts Loungewear Joggers

Jump(er)ing for Joy!

As well as our hair and eye colour, something else that my sister and I have definitely inherited from our Mum is a love of being warm and cosy. There are times when we’ve wondered if our mum is in fact a reptile because she’s always freezing cold! Often I’ll come downstairs in the morning to find her wearing two jumpers, a coat, and STILL being wrapped in a heated blanket! Like mum, the pair of us love keeping bundled up, so for this reason it was natural for us both to select some cosy knits from the Femme Luxe website. 

My sister opted for a Pink Oversized Knit Jumper. The quality of the fabric is really excellent, it doesn’t feel scratchy or uncomfortable as jumpers at this price point often do. The ribbing of the knit at the neck and cuffs adds a really nice detail and elevates this to a classy look, as does the black and white pinstriped trousers and patent leather flats that my sister paired with it.

Chunky knits were also the order of the day for me – but instead of going for pink, I chose an Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper in teal. The side split was perfect as it allowed me to tuck the front in to my black jeans to show off a statement belt. I went for a more casual look with my jumper, teaming it with my favourite slip-on trainers. As both of the jumpers that we picked out are so big and comfy, I think they'd make great loungewear options too, they make you feel like you're all tucked up in a blanket!

Femme Luxe Finery Black Love YaSelf Print T-Shirt - Issy
Femme Luxe Finery Black Lifes a Peach Slogan Crop Top - Tinley

Feeling Tee-Riffic

Summoning the motivation to get out of bed can be tricky during lockdown, and managing to have a positive day isn’t always that easy. But when you’re in need of a boost, a positive slogan or affirmation can help you to kick start your day. And what better place to find that positivity than emblazoned across your chest? That’s why my sister and I gravitated towards some of the cute slogan T-shirts on the Femme Luxe site.

I picked out the Life's A Peach Slogan Crop Top in black. This top is actually full length but it can be easily tied up to create the cropped effect, as my sister did with her Black Love YaSelf Print T-Shirt. We both loved the positive messaging on the tees and their comfy but flattering fit. The material hugs your curves in the right places but isn’t too clingy, see-through or uncomfortable. While my sister styled her tee with a pair of navy skinnies, I went for a pair of cigarette trousers in my signature colour - yellow! The tiny pearl details at the waistband of the trousers matched perfectly with the white lettering on the tee. As well as looking great with jeans, these comfy t-shirts would pair excellently with joggers too.

Femme Luxe Finery Teal Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper - Lore
Femme Luxe Finery Pink Oversized Knit Jumper - Hetty

Do you have any siblings? Do you look/dress alike? Please share in the comments down below!