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My Bedroom Makeover: Save or Splurge? #AD

I do love dabbling in a bit of interior design. From scrolling through Pinterest to seek out the perfect inspiration to trawling through homeware stores in search of the ideal decor pieces, it's all so much fun! Recently I redecorated my bedroom with some shiny new furnishings and a sophisticated yellow and grey colour scheme and I enjoyed the process so much. Budget was, of course, a major factor when revamping my room, but with some cheap and cheerful DIYs and upcycling projects mixed in with a few splurges, I was able to produce a result that I was really delighted with. Today's post is dedicated to all of the changes I made!

interior design home bedroom makeover

Splurge: Bed

There are few things more important to me than a good night's sleep! That's why investing in a really comfortable bed was high on my priority list for my bedroom makeover. My old bed had a metal frame and as it aged, it squeaked like no tomorrow even when you just shifted around while sleeping. It drove me nuts and so it had to go! I chose to upgrade to a Dunelm upholstered bedstead and a new firmer mattress that gives my old-lady back a bit more support. 

I couldn't be happier with my choice, the bed has exactly the look I was going for as well as delivering on comfort. Although it's not designed with drawers underneath for storage, you can fit quite a bit of stuff underneath the slats, which proves really handy for storing my out-of-season clothes. This bed makes me feel like I'm sleeping in a hotel every night and I absolutely love it! My yellow and grey duvet set and mustard throw cover from luxury brand Julian Charles were also investment pieces but their colour was too perfect for me to pass them up!

interior design bedroom home bed rug bookcase
interior design home bedroom rug carpet

Save: Upcycled Furniture

Having shelled out on a dreamy new bed and mattress, I had to pinch pennies when it came to the rest of the furniture in my room. I had to think creatively to make my existing furniture match my new colour scheme. Although very study and practical for holding my ever expanding book collection, my bookcase stuck out like a sore thumb. It is made from a horrible red stained wood and looked like a bit of an eyesore. To spruce it up, I picked up some wood primer and some white gloss paint from a local hardware store and got painting! It took several coats to get it looking just right but I'm really happy with how it looks! The bookcase is now unobtrusive and is a great addition to the room.

Another wooden furniture item is my chest of drawers. Unlike the bookcase, this is made of a really nice, high quality wood and I was reluctant to paint it and potentially ruin it. I decided to leave this unpainted but to bring it into my yellow and grey colour scheme, I purchased some ribbons from Dunelm in corresponding colours and tied them around the drawer knobs. To protect the surface of the chest from damage, I also found some grey polkadot waxy tablecloth material and cut out a piece to sit on the top. The whole DIY cost very little and I'm so pleased with the result!
home interiors carpet rug
home design DIY upcycling furniture

Splurge: Rug

One aspect of the room that I would've really loved to change was the carpet. I picked out my carpet when I was about thirteen years old and had a neon green theme in my bedroom! But now? I absolutely hate it! The colour really doesn't fit with my current aesthetic and it's also quite grubby after years of use. However, I simply couldn't justify the expense of purchasing an entirely new carpet as part of my bedroom makeover, nor did I want the hassle of having to take all of the furniture out of the room to have the carpet fitters in. The perfect solution arrived in the form of a rug from Ornatus, an interiors store based in Stirling, Scotland.

Ornatus sent me one of their Asiatic Blox Mustard rugs and it is a gorgeous addition to my room. The yellow and two-tone grey colours are simple, elegant and match the rest of my decor perfectly. The rug is hand woven, made from 100% wool and I am really impressed with the quality. I'm confident that it will last for many years to come. Most importantly, it covers the worst of the sins on my old carpet! At £139, this rug is definitely an investment piece but it still presents a saving compared to the cost of purchasing a new carpet. I would highly recommend Ornatus rugs!
home decor DIY upcycle furniture
home decor interior design makeover bedroom

Save: DIY Decor

I love displaying photos of my family and close friends in my bedroom, they give me the warm fuzzy feels! In order to put them on show in my newly revamped room, I put my creative hat on again. In the back of my cupboard, I found a very old trio of picture frames which had seen better days. I thought they'd look great with a quick lick of colour, so I picked up some bog-standard acrylic paint from an art shop. I had intended to give them a couple of layers of yellow colour but I ended up really liking the shabby-chic effect of just one coat of paint, so I left them as they were and hung them up next to my bed when they were dry. They look fantastic and saved me from buying brand new frames!

Where do you try to make savings when decorating your home? Are there any splurges that you're happy to make? Let me know in the comments.