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The Dos and Don'ts of Socially Distanced Dating #AD

Summer is the season of love! Right now couples should be enjoying long walks on the beach, treating each other to dinner in a candlelit restaurant, enjoying a furtive smooch in the back of a movie theatre ... but oh no, coronavirus has put an end to all of that. Nevertheless, many of us are still playing the dating game whilst social distancing and others (like me) have found themselves separated from their significant other by lockdown restrictions. But we shouldn’t let the virus get in the way of romance - there's still so much fun to be had! To help you through, here are my do's and don'ts of socially distanced dating

socially distanced dating dos donts lockdown dates

DON’T just rely on online communication

Why not send some good old fashioned snail mail? One of the best things that I did during lockdown was download the FreePrints cards app. Every month they have deals and special offers allowing you to send a personalised card or postcard through the mail very cheaply. I sent my fiancé several cards as a pick me up and they still have pride of place on his wall! Getting real post makes you feel connected in a meaningful way and it shows that you’re thinking of the recipient! As well as working well for an existing partner, sending a card through the post would be equally sweet for someone you’ve met recently on a Birmingham dating site - everyone loves a keepsake! 

DO embrace getting to know each other on a deeper level

It’s easy to focus on what we’re missing out on during socially distanced dates - physical touch is at the top of the list. Instead, why not use this time to embrace one of the biggest benefits of dating in lockdown: it’s the perfect chance to really get to know someone on a deeper level. With a new partner, video calls (where you can’t get distracted as you might in real life by snogging each other’s faces off!) provide a great opportunity to create a deep connection and work on building a strong foundation to what will hopefully become a lasting relationship. And even if you’ve been with your partner for a while, there’s always new things to learn about them! You could try answering the 36 Questions That Lead To Love, for example, and get to know them even better. 

DON’T compare

Remember that old saying, “comparison is the thief of joy”? Well it couldn’t be more applicable to this situation. Measuring up your current dating situation up against your pre-COVID experiences will only lead to disappointment. Don’t feel bad when you see couples who are living together posting loved up selfies on Instagram either. These made me feel really down at the start of lockdown when the prospect of seeing my own partner was a long way off. But turning to the positives by reminiscing about all the happy times we’ve had together in the past and making an effort to put together some creative virtual dates really helped to turn my frown upside down. Make sure you check out dating Birmingham if you're looking for a special someone!

DO go easy on yourself

It’s tough out there right now. A global pandemic is stressful and isolating, so don’t forget to be kind to yourself. If you need a night’s break from virtual socialisation (whether it’s texting a new beau or FaceTiming your existing significant other), don’t be afraid to take that time away. Explain that you’re having a screen free evening and they will understand. After all, while a partnership with a significant other can be wonderful and fulfilling, the relationship that you have with yourself is just as important. 

What have you learned about dating whilst in lockdown? Let me know in the comments.