5 Reasons to Dress Up for your Virtual Christmas Party #AD


I'm sure I'm not the only person for whom Christmas is going to be a little bit different this year. Some annual traditions such as smooching someone (from outside your household!) under the mistletoe and tearing it up on the dance-floor at your work's Christmas 'do have been put on hold. With certain areas moving into stricter tiers faster than you can sing "Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer", even al fresco meet-ups with a pal face cancellation. But there's one certainty that we can still cling on to this Christmastide: festive fashion! Today I'm here to tell you why we should say "FROCK IT!" and get all dressed up, even if the only Christmas party we'll be attending this year is happening on Zoom.

1) We deserve to feel glamorous!

2020 has been ... a year. I've been living in loungewear for most of it and have barely been seen in anything besides my favourite trackies since March. Frankly, any excuse to actually brush my hair and put on some lipstick is a good one at this point! Dressing up does wonders for our self confidence so even if your office crush is only going to catch a short glimpse of your sequinned ball gown on the Zoom call, you'll still get that little confidence boost from knowing that you look a million dollars!

Christmas party Zoom dressing up

2) Combining glamour with comfort has never been easier

My jam-packed wardrobe is testament to the fact that I love getting dolled up. I have a dress (or a jumpsuit) for pretty much every occasion! Something that I really hate, however, is wearing heeled shoes. I have yet to find a truly comfortable pair: either they pinch my toes, rub my heels, or make me feel like I'm standing on daggers after about 15 minutes of wear. I usually just grin and bear it (I once walked all the way home from a drinks event in stilettos to find that they'd made my heels bleed so much that they stained the hem of my beautiful white dress) but this year, why bother?! The beauty of Zoom means that while I can be wearing the most extra lacy garment on my top half, I can easily have my comfiest slippers on my feet!

3) Sneaky outfit repeating is a-ok!

My fellow noughties Disney Channel aficionados will all remember that wearing the same outfit more than once was one of the biggest crimes that Lizzie McGuire ever committed, but this year we can definitely let ourselves off the hook! Given that most of us only be appearing in small icons in Christmas Zoom calls, if we decide to put on the same outfit that we wore for the 2019 festive 'do, who is really going to notice? If a particular look makes you feel good, whack it out as many times as you like!

Joe Browns Christmas skirt pinafore
Joe Browns Christmas pinafore skirt

4) Make an afternoon of it with your household

The majority of the Zoom-based festive events that I've attended so far this year have kicked off around 7pm, so if your job is a standard 9-5, this gives you a couple of hours to play with before the virtual party begins. Instead of scrambling around in the work loo trying to stuff your feet into some glittery tights, you'll have nice little window to indulge in some pampering with the friends or family members that you live with. I have one further Christmas jamboree to join in with on 21st December, and my plan before this is to slap on a face mask with my sister, paint our nails and have a special afternoon together! The more Christmas cheer, the merrier! 

5) There's so much choice on the Joe Browns website!

If, like me, you decide that you want to treat yourself to a new outfit for this year's Christmas bash, you'll find options galore on the Joe Browns website! I've been a big fan of Joe Browns for years - they are known for vibrant colours, quirky patterns and bold designs that you won't find anywhere else. This festive season, they've knocked it out of the park as usual, not only with their Ultimate Guide to Christmas 2020 but also with their selection of skirts! I was invited to pick out an item from their range and absolutely fell in love with this red and black pinafore skirt. The tartan pattern is super festive and looks great with a crisp white shirt layered underneath. I love it so much that I'm planning to wear it on Christmas Day too!

virtual Christmas party womens fashion outfit
outfit Christmas fashion ladies virtual Zoom party

What are you wearing to your Christmas parties this year? Tell me about your favourite outfits in the comments below!