Meet the Blogger

Hello! My name is Abbey, I'm a 23 year old  archaeologist, PhD student and bibliophile based in the UK. I am based between Leicester in the East Midlands, Oxford, and Cambridge. Abbey Louisa Rose, the blog, was originally created in June 2016 as a creative outlet to share memories made during a summer of fun before the start of my Master's degree. However, even with that particular summer long behind us, the blog is still going! I don't really have a specific blogging "niche", my blog is shaped around three words: LIVING, WEARING, CREATING. Each of these broad categories enables me to share my eclectic mix of interests, from beauty and style to food, travel, and crafts. I don't take myself too seriously, I just enjoy sharing snippets of my life with the world. I hope you'll enjoy joining me on this blogging journey!